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Welcome to the e-alkitab in the Tetun language!

Copyright ©2013 Unit Bahasa dan Budaya, GMIT (UBB-GMIT), and is protected by law. This Tetun e-alkitab is the result of a cooperative agreement between the The Seed Company, USA and Wycliffe Bible Translators International, (Australia).

If you would like to reproduce more than one chapter of the Tetun Scriptures, to be used more widely than for a single congregation, a single prayer group, or a single Bible Study group, please contact the translation team at ubb-gmit@kastanet.org to obtain written permission.

The Scriptures in the Tetun language have been produced in cooperation with international Bible agencies, and have gone through a formal and detailed process. These Scriptures in the Tetun language are recognised internationally as the Word of God in the Tetun language. The Bible belongs to all churches, and so this material has been produced to serve the needs of all.

The Tetun Scriptures in book form may be found in bookstores around Kupang and at the UBB offices, Jl. S K Lerik, Kota Baru, Kupang, NTT 85228, Indonesia, telpon 081 339 172 637. Or contact the translation team at ubb-gmit@kastanet.org.

The Tetun New Testament was translated with reference to the original Greek text, rather than from Portuguese, English, or Indonesian Bibles. In accord with Bible translation principles widely recognised by Bible agencies in the modern era, these Tetun Scriptures follow the principles of meaning-based translation, rather than form-based translation which tends to sacrifice understanding and can corrupt the meaning of the original. By following the principles of meaning-based translation, the Tetun Scriptures carefully preserve the meaning of the original Greek text, and render it in everyday Tetun language that is both clear and natural. (See the Introduction in the Tetun Scriptures in book form for more complete information—e.g. in Mark's Gospel.)

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Offline Standalone Version of this site:
The Tetun Belu Bible and Concordance can be downloaded and installed for later use offline. Please click here to download the installer file (8mb).

Program Installation instructions:
Download and run the installation file from the link above and confirm all prompts during the process. Once installed, a shortcut to the offline Bible will be placed on both the computer desktop and in the Start Menu under the group AuSIL. At this time, there is no support for installing on Mac.